Due to the current COVID-19 guidelines, we have changed the way we offer appointments to our patients.  The receptionist will arrange a telephone triage with a Doctor or Nurse and they will decide if you need to be seen at the Surgery, or they may suggest a video consultation (details of which will be given to you by the clinician or for more information about video consultations click here) or a home visit.


All surgery times are by appointment but urgent cases can be seen on the same day, at the end of surgeries. We will try to accomodate emergency appointments on the day you request but you may have to wait to see a particular doctor for a routine appointment.

You can access appointments with a Doctor or Practice Nurse by telephoning reception from 8.30am and by visiting reception but please be aware that it may not necessarily be a Doctor you need to see.

The receptionist will ask you questions. Please give as much detail as you can so that you can be directed as quickly as possible to an appropriate person who can deal with your problem. Please bear in mind receptionists have to adhere to the same confidentiality codes  as Doctors and Practice Nurses and they will try to help you as much as they can.

Routine Appointments - In Advance

These may be booked in advance with the Doctor of your choosing depending on availability. Appointments are 10 minutes long - if you feel your problem is complex or if you have more than 1 medical issue, please book a double appointment.  Only the person the appointment is booked for will be dealt with. Please do not expect other people to be dealt with during your appointment.

Routine Appointments - On The Same Day

A number of routine appointments are opened daily for patients who need to see a Doctor that day. To book one of these you will be advised to ring at 8.30am. These appointment slots are limited and are for 1 medical issue, so all requests to see a Doctor will be triaged which will result in one of the following actions being taken:

1. An appointment will be offered, or

2. A Doctor will call you back, or

3. The next available routine appointment will be offered. If there are no appointments are available on the day you want, you will be offered the next available routine appointment, or

4. For some symptoms, you may be directed towards an alternative healthcare professional such as a Physio, Pharmacist, Dentist, or Optician.

If you feel you need to be seen sooner or urgently please give the receptionist as much details as possible to pass to a Doctor so he/she can triage your request and try to help as resources allow. You may then be offered an emergency appointment.

Any children under 16 years of age who have an acute condition, will be offered a same day consultation with a Doctor.

Emergency Appointments

If all appointments are taken and you feel your problem is an emergency then you will be given an emergency appointment with the duty Doctor. They will decide how they can best help you. These are only 10 minute appointments and are not for dealing with long standing problems.

We will NOT issue sick notes in these appointments. If the doctor feels it is not an emergency you will then be advised to book a routine appointment at reception. It is in no one's interests to abuse this emergency service.

My Health Online

Whilst social distancing is in place, we are not currently offering online appointments and the clinicians will be doing telephone triaging but you can still join MHOL to order repeat prescriptions, see here for more details.

Speak to reception about joining My Health Online to make appointments and order repeat prescriptions for when the social distancing has been relaxed.

Telephone Advice

To book a telephone consultation with the doctor, we suggest you ring anytime from 8.30am to book the call, and the consultation will take place from 12.00 noon to 12.30pm either on the day or over the next few days. They are not intended for simple administrative tasks such as requesting prescriptions or booking appointments.


At times there may be trainee health care professionals - or persons become attached to the Practice. Please inform their mentor if you object to them being present in your consultation.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible by phone or on-line, in order for us to give the slot to someone else.

If you are abusive, repeatedly fail to attend your appointments or repeatedly abuse the emergency appointment system we will ask you to find another GP.

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